June 07, 2012

Prophetic Words 2012

“I hear the sound of an abundance of rain coming to certain portions of America. Our nation is in a draught. There will come a day that the former rain and the latter rain will come together to produce a wonderful harvest in this nation.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying that we are hearing so much news and information that we have become Tone Deaf. Like the train near our home, we can’t hear it anymore.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying the church has come to a fork in the road. One road is a road of convenience and the other is a risky road. The latter a road that might cost you your summer plans. A road where your rhythm will be disrupted.”   “I see three spirits rising against the church in America. One is the spirit of perversion-homosexuality, wrapping itself in a religious spirit and coming to the church full force with a mob mentality, bold and openly demanding it’s rights and calling for major entrances and equality. I see another spirit rising that will enter with great deception. The spirit of Islam. It will come in with apparent meekness but once in, will demand it’s own way. Because of new national influence, once in will set about to destroy all Christian influence in this nation. Both of these spirits will be given power and authority by a system already set in place. The spirit that empowers the first two will enact laws that will consume and devour independent churches that have no covering and are not aligned with an organization or major group of churches. Those who remain alone will suffer great wrath at the hands of a treacherous government who will seek to dismantle and dismember every church who stands against the evil spirits that are coming against the church, accompanied by Jezebel voices who will stand against the truth of the Holy scriptures and will follow a new version that will be an inordinate mixture.”   “I see the Occupy Movement headed right down Main Street and into the churches where they will occupy themselves, protected by different laws that are being enacted even as I speak.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying that lest Satan should get an advantage of us, He is now raising up apostles, prophets and teachers as in the church in Antioch, to lead a new dispensation of pastors and shepherds. These pastors and shepherds will submit to the governing voices of the apostles, who will be accompanied by the prophets and teachers. These apostles will be accountable and will govern under the authority of the Holy Spirit, will give direction and will provide a safe covering for churches and shepherds. The shepherds will feed the sheep and cause them to lie down in green pastures as the storms gather across this land.”   “I see a banner rising over the people of Jehovah God. A prophetic indicator of His goodness and His unmerited favor. This double blessing season will prepare His sons and daughters a short window of opportunity to prepare for the coming crisis in this land. I hear the Holy Spirit saying that we must not squander this opportunity.”   “I see violence erupting in the streets and schools of our nation. Demonstrations and sit inn’s will disrupt the rhythm and flow of our nation.”   “I see a new wave of revival sweeping across America, ignited by Spanish speaking people.”   “I see billions of dollars being invested into the American economy from other Muslim nations of the world as well as other countries from the East, providing an unusual time of prosperity in America. It will appear that the economic downturn is over, but this season of prosperity will be short lived. The Lord is giving this time of prosperity for His people to set their houses in order. For leaders to set the House of God in order.”   “I see America coming into an unholy alignment with some other nations.”   “The voice of the accuser is here. I see false accusations and trumped up charges being brought against pastors and well known Christian leaders in an attempt to minimize their effectiveness. I see major persecution coming against Christians in America, particularly from liberal church organizations.”   “I see Barak Obama in the White House in 2013.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying that He will do nothing unless His people pray. And then He will do nothing without the youth. No one will be excluded but the youth must be included. Intercede for the youth. Keep your eyes upon the youth of the nations. I will do a work among your sons and daughters that will cause the nations to tremble.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying, a shaking is coming to churches in America. Many pastors will be shaken right out of their churches because of rebellion, trials and difficulties. Others will be shaken into a new realm of anointing and will rise up to lead their congregation into radical moves of the Holy Spirit with salvations, miracles, signs and wonders….with America experiencing another spiritual awakening. I hear the Holy Spirit saying that God will be in a radical mood in 2013 and that no one will be able to remain neutral.”