Calling America to Pray

We need you to be one in a million to pray for another spiritual awakening in our nation. The result will be multitudes turning to Jesus, a prosperous economy, safe cities, peaceful homes, packed churches and Spirit filled campuses. Please sign in and let the journey begin.

A Thousand Points of Light

We believe that a thousand cities and communities praying will make a difference. Make sure the light is turned on in your area. President Ronald Reagan said, “If we will not be governed by God, we must be governed by tyrants.

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Dale Gentry

Dale and Jean have been married for 54 years and have been in ministry since 1966. Dale served as a senior pastor for 23 years and for the past twenty eight years has served as a prayer leader and prophetic voice…

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Now is the time!

April, 04/20/19

“Father……..we thank You for the gift of Your Son Jesus……..may we take time to reflect on the greatest gift You have given……..we pray that every believer will take this opportunity to invite a friend or neighbor to their church service in the morning……..and may we as Christians consider reading the resurrection Sunday story to our children or grandchildren…….explaining the true reason for celebration…………sharing about the true love of a Savior…… we remember the price that was paid for each of us at Calvary that we might have life in this present world and the world to come………being with Him throughout all eternity……….we pray for souls to come to Christ at the invitation of every pastor across America as we continue to pray for another spiritual awakening……….in Jesus name…….amen.” 


Padre… damos gracias por el regalo de tu Hijo Jesús… que tomemos tiempo de reflexionar en el mejor regalo que nos has dado… oramos para que cada uno de nosotros pueda tomar la oportunidad de invitar a un amigo o un vecino al servicio del domingo… que como Cristianos podamos prestar atención a la historia de Resurrección y que la contemos a nuestros nietos e hijos… que les expliquemos el verdadero significado de la celebración… que podamos compartir la historia de nuestro Salvador… mientras recordamos el previo que fue pagado por nosotros en la cruz del calvario para que vivamos en este mundo y en el venidero… que estemos con Él por la eternidad… oramos para que las almas vengan a la cruz y que los Pastores hagan la invitación… seguimos orando por un despertar espiritual… te pedimos todo esto en el nombre de Jesús… amen 


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Prophetic Words 2016

“I hear the Holy Spirit saying that there is a Jezebel spirit that is attempting to make its way into the White House. Wickedness in high places. Desiring to take Naboth’s Vineyard. The inheritance of every believer. We must pray today, deliver us from evil.”  “I see a long hot summer with major renovations taking […]