November 07, 2016

Prophetic Words 2016

“I hear the Holy Spirit saying that there is a Jezebel spirit that is attempting to make its way into the White House. Wickedness in high places. Desiring to take Naboth’s Vineyard. The inheritance of every believer. We must pray today, deliver us from evil.” 

“I see a long hot summer with major renovations taking place in this nation. We are in the final days of the America we have known. The stage has been set and the curtain is coming down. We are about to be introduced to the total transformation that was promised. DC has been taken. Our walls have been broken down and our gates have been burned with fire. I see the Obama’s continuing to live in the White House in 2017 because the people of the Lord in this nation have committed two evils. They have forsaken the fountain of Living Waters and have created their own systems.”

“New laws, rules and regulations that have already been enacted now being announced and put in place. New restrictions will serve as a wakeup call for the church but they will discover that the privileges they have enjoyed for so long have been removed during the night. The mighty men will respond with a new sense of urgency but will encounter spiritual warfare such as the church has not known. False accusations against many Christian leaders will serve as a confirmation of these times. A deep divide in the church will be uncovered because so many Christians will not have the heart to resist. But those who know Him will discern the times and will cry out to their King and the Holy Spirit will respond with revivals in towns and cities all across this land led by young people, women and Spanish speaking people, resulting in another spiritual awakening. A hundred fold return accompanied by great persecution.” 

I see Barak Obama announcing his conversion to Islam. Announcing his decision based on the truths that were revealed to him by his father. His announcement will include information concerning recent dialogues with ISIS and his ongoing peace negotiations that are now underway. These negotiations will include certain compromises that we need to make in order to bring resolution to threats that are looming over this land. Bringing leaders of different faiths to the negotiating table. Resulting in temporary favor concerning the lay of the land. I see a continuation of his residency in order to set these negotiations in motion.”

 ” I SEE A WIND COMING OUT OF THE EAST. TOWARD THE DIRECTION OF THE EASTERN GATE. AND THE WIND IS NOT A WIND. ITS A GENTLE BREEZE CALLED REST. THAT GENTLE BREEZE THAT IS BLOWING UPON THE CHILDREN OF GOD. BRINGING THEM TO A PLACE OF SUPERNATURAL REST.”   “I HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYING THERE IS A REST FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD. A SUPERNATURAL REST THAT WE MUST LABOR TO ENTER INTO. FOR OUT OF THAT SUPERNATURAL REST, THERE WILL COME HEALING, WELLNESS, WHOLENESS, FINANCIAL BLESSING, RESTORATION OF MARRIAGES, REVELATION, DISCERNMENT, NEW BEGINNINGS, PEACE, TRANQUILITY, SAFETY, ASSURANCE, JOY, CONTENTMENT, WHILE SOCIETY LIVES IN FEAR, THE PEOPLE OF GOD WILL ENTER INTO A SUPERNATURAL REST. AFTER HIS HOUSE IS CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER, HIS HOUSE WILL BE KNOWN AS A HOUSE OF REST. PEOPLE WILL COME INTO THE SANCTUARY JUST TO REST.”   “I HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYING THAT HE DESIRES FOR HIS CHILDREN TO ENTER INTO THAT REST AND THEN DECLARE THAT THEIR HOUSE -THEIR HOME- WILL BE A HOUSE OF REST. NOTHING WILL BE ABLE TO ENTER THAT DOES NOT USE THE PASSWORD-REST. HE’S LOOKING FOR THOSE WHO WILL ENTER INTO HIS REST. THAT SUPERNATURAL REST. THOSE WHO NEED TO RELAX, REFRSH, RECOVER, INACTIVITY IN ORDER TO REGAIN STRENGTH, LET UP, SLOW DOWN, TAKE A BREAK, UNBEND, UNWIND, RECHARGE, TAKE IT EASY, PUT YOUR FEET UP, LIE DOWN, GO TO BED, DOZE, SLEEP, TAKE FIVE, TAKE A BREATHER, CATCH FORTY WINKS, GET SOME SHUT EYE, TAKE A LOAD OFF, CHILL, CATCH SOME Z’S, REPOSE, SIT DOWN, TIME OFF, BREATHING SPACE, INTERLUDE, INTERMISSION, POWER NAP, DOWNTIME, SNOOZE REST REST REST-SUPERNATURAL REST. THE WORD IS REST.   HIS PEOPLE THIS YEAR ARE ENTERING INTO A SUPERNATURAL REST WHERE THERE IS NO FEAR. HE’S BUILDING A HOUSE OF REST, DRIVING OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS ALL FEAR, CONTENTION, STRIFE, ANGER, DISUNITY, RAGE, DISCONTENTMENT, HE’S BUILDING FOR HIS CHILDREN THIS YEAR A HOUSE OF REST. HE IS PUTTING US UNDER HOUSE ARREST. INVITING US INTO HIS HOUSE”.   “I see great revelation coming to those who are willing to turn aside, go into their prayer closet and spend quality time with the Holy Spirit.”   ” I see different groups of believers abandoning their old ways to embrace new and radical ways of presenting the gospel. I see no names needing no introduction delivering astounding messages of hope and reconciliation- hiding behind the stuff and not allowing themselves to be recognized or made a king. Continuing to sit at the foot of the table.”   “I see the kingdom mentality in the Christian world becoming depleted by those coming out of obscurity who are willing to share their blessings and opportunities.”   “I see Christian television and radio stations closing their doors as a result of new and different ways of communicating the gospel.  The days of the Christian superstars coming to  a close with the internet and social media introducing new ministries that are not product  and contribution driven.”   ” I see England, our motherland, rising up to help us this year. The mother building a bridge to cross over and help us spread the good news.”   ” I see different prayer groups falling into trances, enjoying major encounters with the Holy Spirit, some of these encounters lasting for hours or even days. Sharing these events with people hungry for God and the supernatural.”   ” I see transfer of wealth from the hands of the unrighteous into the hands of the righteous. Even from other nations of the world. I see midnight church services, ministering to the night people.”   “I see neighborhood prayer watches being formed all across this land-neighbors becoming friends and sharing their goods. I see a righteous order coming to towns and cities all across this nation. I see major revivals in our prison system. Citizens eventually being allowed into these meetings with major results.”   ” I’m prophesying that 2016 will be a year of major restoration. Broken relationships among Christian leaders will be restored. Marriages will be put back together and families will be reunited.”   “I see revivals breaking out in mental institutions across this land. Inmates being restored into their right minds. Some of them will immediately start preaching to those who are institutionalized.”   “I hear the sound of music filling this land.”   ” I see the wicked becoming more wicked and the righteous becoming more righteous. I see violence rising in some regions with righteousness rising in other areas.   I see ISIS and other terror groups making their moves this year, attempting to infiltrate America and Israel. I see major indulgence this year as many live only for sex, another meal, another drink and another sporting event. I see violence spreading to schools, shopping malls and churches. Disrupting our way of life and causing many citizens to reconsider their priorities. I see major chaos surrounding the presidential election this year.”   ” I see a new wave of filth spreading across this land with major television stations receiving permission to air programs that include all types of sexual activity. Adult entertainment being broadcast 24/7.”   “I hear the Holy Sprit saying a shift has occurred in America. DC has been taken. I see the Obama’s continuing to live in the White House in 2017. The battle is now for the cities and churches of this nation. I see gag orders being placed on pastors and church leaders in certain cities with major penalties assessed to those who don’t comply. I see many pastors leaving the ministry to avoid the scrutiny and pressures of the ministry.   I see other Christian leaders exiting as a result of false accusations.”   “I see a society on the move. Many fleeing to safe cities where there are major revival happenings-with their tents, trailers and tiny houses. I see other unsafe cities being totally overrun by demonic forces. Giving themselves over to unspeakable acts. Worshipping the Baal god of pleasure, sex, sensuality, selfishness, self indulgence, self seeking and self worship. Demanding their own way, defying all authority as police officers stand helplessly by.”   “I see some states attempting to secede from the union. I see gross darkness in some cities in America this year-giving themselves over to the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah 24/7.”   ” I see an unsuccessful attempt to restrict the internet.”   ” I see Cuba becoming a major catalyst for world wide revival. The government releasing restrictions because of the economic boom on travelers from around the world coming to revival meetings being conducted with major signs, wonders and miracles.”   “I see a gender-neutral society emerging in America. Everyone must conform. Everyone must blend in. NO distinctions between male and female. No longer referring to a person as a man or woman. No references to a male or female. No longer referring to a person as a man or woman. No longer addressing a baby as a boy or girl but as an infant. No longer needing gender restrooms. Boys wearing girl clothes. Athletes using the same locker rooms while playing on the same teams.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying the man from New York will not save America. If elected will implement rules and strange doctrines. Will govern with an iron hand and set himself up as a king, establishing a monarchy. Will teach and train young men how to make a profit and old men to do the same. Will set up rules and regulations that will cause heavy hearts to become the norm on the streets. He will set up unnecessary boundaries and will not honor the God of the universe. But instead will raise up Baal gods. The gods of materialism. He will rule with an iron hand and a lack of compassion. He will be instrumental in restoring a strong economy and a strong military. But in the end his pride will bring him low and his enemies will conquer him. His kingdom will come to an abrupt end.”   “I see an army of 11th Hour Workers coming out of obscurity to preach to their generation. Firebrands that will ignite revival fires across America- a 3rd Spiritual Awakening in motion accompanied by supernatural events that will attract the news media around the clock.  I see a major migration from large cities to small towns to villages springing up based on righteous governments.”   ” I see Jesus coming soon.”