BPN Radio Schedule

                                                                                     Central Time 
                       “Keeping The Watch of The Lord”
      12:00am-5:00am            Brittanee Greenlee Night Watch
      5:00am-6:00am              Dale Gentry Morning Prayer 
      6:00am-7:00am              Dale Gentry Morning Prayer
      7:00am -8:00am             Dale Gentry Morning Prayer
      8:00am-9:00am              Breakout Radio Church  
      9:00am-10:00am            Dale Gentry Morning Prayer 
      10:00am-11:00am          Prophetic Session (live)
      11:00am-12:00pm          Dale Gentry Tuesday Watch 
        12:00pm-1:00pm            Dale Gentry Tuesday Watch  
      1:00pm-2:00pm              Roy Beaird  Times Watch
      2:00pm-3:00pm              Dale Gentry Tuesday Watch
      3:00pm-4:00pm              Dale Gentry Tuesday Watch 
      4:00pm-5:00pm              Delvin & Rhonda Kinser Watch
      5:00pm-7:00pm              Dale Gentry  Tuesday Watch
      7:00pm-8:00pm              Roy Beaird Times Watch
      8:00pm-9:00pm              Breakout Radio Church 
      9:00pm-10:00pm            Delvin & Rhonda Kinser Watch
      10:00pm-11:00pm          Dale Gentry Tuesday Watch
      11:00pm-12:00am          Dale Gentry Tuesday Watch