February 21, 2017

Prophetic Words 2017

“I hear the Holy Spirit saying it’s the dawning of a new day in America. The storm is over, but the war has just begun.”
“I hear the Holy Spirit saying that He has given the church a new window of opportunity. That we must not squander this season. The door has opened quickly and will close quickly. We must work diligently while it’s day.”
“I hear the Lord saying that 2017 is a year of great opportunity. As in the days of Joseph, we must prepare for a day of famine. We will have open doors and entrance into the marketplace for a season. Great favor will be upon those who are discerning and wise. The church will see greater opposition as the enemy continues to try and silence her voice. But the voice of the righteous will grown louder and stronger. Great grace will be upon God’s people and the church will see a great harvest of souls.
“I see spirits of deception rising in an attempt to discredit and disarm this administration. Spirits of Sanballet and Tobiah. Mocking spirits attempting to cause our leaders to become fearful and lose their focus.”
“I see false accusations being made against our leaders in DC and pastors of local churches.”
“This is the season of America’s Second Wind! As the Redeemed lift their wings of praise and prayer to the Living God, His Wind will refresh, restore and will cause the church to rise in the brightness of His Glory! As His people find their rhythm of vision and obedience, God will enrich and empower to advance His Righteous Cause in churches, cities and nations. We prophesy to the Winds of God Blow over Your Church! Blow, Spirit of God, over our Nations Capital and blow over the Nations of the earth, fresh and new. Cover the earth with Your glory like the waters cover the sea. That all may know, You are God and alone save, heal, deliver and restore. Our eyes and hearts are set upon You and Your Christ, Jesus our Lord!”
“I see young people coming out of obscurity and old people coming out of retirement to lead revivals across this land, starting in our streets and expanding into local churches, schools and college campuses.”
“I see parents accompanying their children as they travel to many different geographical locations to preach, prophesy and heal the sick.”
“I see a continuation of a mobile society as some people flee to safe cities and others who love darkness to moving to these geographical locations.”
“I see neighborhood prayer watches being started all across this land, resulting in major spiritual awakenings. Neighbor ministering to neighbor.”
“I see the homeschool and Christian school movement continuing to grow in astronomical proportions.”
“I see national days of prayer and repentance called by those in governmental authority.”
“I see women rising to preach and disclosing the secrets that are being revealed by the Holy Spirit Gaining great favor in most unusual places.”
“I see Spanish speaking people leading another wave of revival in America.”
“I see a major war erupting between righteousness and unrighteousness. The lines are being drawn and the spirit of compromise is being broken in the church.”
“I see Jezebel spirits being identified and destroyed in local churches, bringing freedom to many congregations that have been bound by controlling and manipulating spirits for many years.”
“I see a new monetary system being introduced in America.”
“I see Christian business people developing Holy alignments internationally with others in the market place resulting in open doors to preach the gospel.”
“I see a fresh wind of blessing coming upon this land as a result of our new covenant with Israel.”
“I see a cloud about the size of a man’s hand, representing spiritual rain that is about to fall upon this land.”
“I see Jesus coming soon!”
 “I see a perverted spirit making its way into the church, given access by a spirit of compromise; releasing a false identity of mercy and grace while submitting to homosexual spirits. Pastors refusing to stand against a huge wave of immorality that is making its way to the platform of churches who are proclaiming a new revelation of love and acceptance with leaders voting to abstain from addressing the issues that are destroying the moral fiber of our nation.”