January 01, 2014

Prophetic Words for 2014

“I see storm clouds continuing to gather over our nation. A nation that has been infiltrated by many other gods other than the one true God whose name is Jehovah. I see these gods making an entrance into a land whose walls have been torn down and whose gates have been burned with fire. Citizens of this nation living in a land we are only occupying for the present. A land that is being consumed by the gods of pleasure, entertainment, addictions and drunkenness. A land filled with filth and darkness. A people who have become careless and who are continually declaring that we will eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.”   “I see a new order rising this year in America. I major changes coming quickly to our nation. I see things that have been in the planning stages for many years being enacted soon. I see the government giving everyone a number to receive health care. This number will also include banking, internet and utilities.”   “I see shortages coming, particularly of food and water. I see people exchanging guns for bread.”   “I see banks and financial institutions running out of cash, forcing the closure of these entities while a new system is put in place. I see fear and panic invading the land.”   “I see foreclosures taking place, with a redistribution of homes and churches. I see families being forced to live together in single family dwellings.”   “I see a deep divide in our nation with one state seceding, causing a domino effect. The Holy Spirit saying that because you have divided the land of Israel, I will divide your land.”   “I see a major migration in our land, people moving to safe cities to escape the violence and darkness that are consuming some cities. Cities which have given themselves over entirely to demonic forces with no laws or regulations. Cities where policemen are watching helplessly.”   “I see violence erupting in the streets and schools of our nation. Demonstrations and sit-ins that will disrupt the rhythm and flow of our society. Civil disobedience on a scale that America has never experienced. Martial law on the horizon.”   “I see spirits of murder and self-destruction running rampant in this land with violence and suicides on the rise. Videos, seminars and movies concerning death will escalate these happenings with teen suicides rising in alarming proportions.”   “I see public schools across our land being emptied and vacated because of violence. I see athletic events being played in empty stadiums and centers, being watched on pay per view because of violence and terrorism.”   “I see shopping malls standing empty and people shopping on line because of violence and terrorism. A homebound society that is fearful to go out into the streets.”   “I see a new order of living. People living in homes that can be assembled or disassembled quickly.”   ”I see bartering becoming the major economic thrust of our society.”   “I see major closures taking place. Inordinate rules and regulations being placed on church facilities, causing many congregations to meet elsewhere.”   “I see trumped up charges and false accusations against ministers of the gospel, resulting in loss of their reputation, pulpit, status, influence, finances and even imprisonment.”   “To the church I hear the Holy Spirit saying that the walls are coming down. Walls of containment and confinement. People moving out of their comfort zones into their discovery zones. No longer allowing themselves to be contained or confined by their past failures, lack of education, age, color, disappointments, finances, conflicts, abuse, misuse, etc. But moving forward to fulfill their destiny in life.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying that the Lord is growing weary of holding back the enemy from entering this nation and taking it by night. That He is waiting on the priests, the servants of the Lord, to call His people to the sanctuary, calling on His name and asking Him to spare this land. This land that has forsaken the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”   “I hear The Lord speaking to His people in America and asking why they have forsaken the creator of the universe? Burning incense to other gods. Foreign gods of pleasure. The footsteps of your enemy who will come into your land and imprison your priests and take your sons and daughters captive unless you turn back to your God, Jehovah God.”   “I see young people in this nation rising out of obscurity to preach the gospel and do signs, wonders and miracles.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying that He will do nothing unless His people pray. And then He will do nothing without the youth. No one will be excluded but the youth must be included. Intercede for the youth. Keep your eyes upon the youth of the nations. He will do a work among your sons and daughters that will cause the nations to tremble.”   “I see classes in schools, colleges and universities being disrupted for days because of the spiritual awakening in our land. Speaking in tongues will be the main attraction.”   “I see stadiums being filled with youth worshiping their God with singing and praying for one another. Thousand singing in the spirit and praying in the spirit. I see streets in America being filled with people turning to Jesus.”   “I see a radical move of the Holy Spirit. People crowding into church buildings with standing room only, coming before dark and still being there after dawn. Religious people running out of the building while hungry people for God are running into the building.”   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying that the next wave of revival will come through Spanish speaking people.”   “I see evangelism taking place throughout the night time, with anointed Christians invading the dark places of the city to take the message.”   “I see thousands of anointed messengers coming from nations of the world to help with the spiritual awakening coming to America.”   “I see people coming from all corners of the universe to pray in our nation’s capital, calling on the name of the Lord. I see a sea of people interceding on behalf of a nation that has forgotten their God.”     “I see the church entering into a season of brokenness, repentance and spiritual cleansing. I see church services being disrupted by loud crying, weeping, wailing, people repenting of their sins accompanied by deep sorrow. People on their knees for hours at a time, calling on the name of the Lord. The next wave of revival will not be marked by laughter but by weeping. Individuals weeping for their sins, their friends, for the lost. People weeping over their nation that has gone into captivity.”   “I see a new form of Christian education in America, with parents taking turns teaching the children.”   “I see Jesus coming soon.”