March 16, 2015

Prophetic Words for 2015

“I hear the Holy Spirit saying The shaking is coming to churches in America. Many pastors will be shaken right out of their churches because of rebellion, trials and difficulties.  Others will be shaken into a new realm of anointing and will rise up to lead their congregation into radical moves of the Holy Spirit with salvations, miracles, signs and wonders…….with America experiencing another spiritual awakening. I hear the Holy Spirit saying that God will be in a radical mood this year.   I hear the Holy Spirit saying that 2015 will bring a shaking to the church. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.   God is a jealous God and he no longer will share Himself with carnality. This year He will separate the wheat from the chaff. He will allow sin to be exposed starting at the House of God-Starting at the pulpit. Dividing the wheat from the chaff. He is going to separate the ministers from the managers. He will remove them and set in their place one who has His heart.   The winds of God are going to blow on the church in 2015 and many pastors will be removed and replaced by David’s. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.   God is demanding a cleaning in the church in 2015. He is warning the church that He is coming through the house and tearing down the tables that holds our idols. He will no longer tolerate divided affections. He will expose everything that can be exposed.   There will be rebellion in many places because men will not repent. The Extreme Grace message will be exposed for what it is. There are consequences to sin.  He is calling for the church to put up their wine glasses and put away their clocks. It’s time for the true church to arise and the true prophets to cry out and not be silent concerning these matters.   2015 will be e a year of cleaning in the church. He is returning for a pure bride. There is a highway that leads to heaven and it’s a highway of holiness and nothing else will do.   There are five foolish virgins in the church who are going to be left behind. There is a message of purity and repentance that must be pradh3ed and there will be many who will refuse to do it because they love the praises of men. But this is a year of exposure and this is a year of revival. A revival of repentance. The revival is not starting in the church because the church is preoccupied with themselves. The next wave of revival will start in the streets and spill over into the church.   The responsibly of the future of our land lies at the door of the man of God. Will he manage or will he minister. Will he set aside his robe of self indulgence and long to do list and come into the Holy place. To the quiet Place. To see Him who long lists to commune with those He chosen to lead —his congregation.   God is a jealous God. If the Lord is God lets serve him.   I see the church entering into a season of brokenness, repentance and spiritual cleansing. Services being disrupted by loud crying, weeping, wailing, people repenting over their sins. Deep sorrow.  People on the knees for hours at a time, calling on the name of The Lord. The next wave of revival will not be marked by laughter but weeping. Individuals weeping for their sins, their friends, for the lost.  People weeping for their nation. I see our nation going into captivity. Everything has been settled. Decisions have been made. Inordinate alliances have been made and congress not longer has the power or authority to reverse these decisions.  I hear the Holy Spirit saying that our only hope is another spiritual awakening…….which may come as a result of great persecution.  The Holy Spirit continues to remind us of II Chronicles 7:14 if my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.  I hear the Holy Spirit saying there is a remedy. I see our enemies digging tunnels.  Hiding and Preparing for invasion into certain geographical locations in this nation. Particularly those cities and regions which are most vulnerable. They are preparing to cut off trade routes, truck routes and food supplies, streets, churches and synagogues will be closed. A flag will be lowered and another flag hoisted.  A nation paralyzed with fear.   COMPLIANCE WILL BE THE WORD IN THE NEXT TWO OR THREE YEARS.   THE PROCESS IS NOW UNDER WAY. AS THIS PROCESS IS REVEALED CIVIL, DISOBEDIENCE WILL FOLLOW BY THOSE WHO WILL NOT COMPLY.  FOREIGN TROOPS WILL FILL STREETS IN OUR CITIES TO BRING A NEW ORDER.   CONFISCATION OF WEAPONS WILL FOLLOW MET BY MORE RESISTENCE. BUT THIS WILL BE ONLY SHORT LIVED AS FOOD SHORTAGES RESULT IN TRADING GUNS FOR BREAD.     A NEW CALL TO ARMS BY THE CITIZENS AND GOVERNORS OF A FEW STATES WILL RESULT IN A FORM OF SECESSION FROM THE UNION DEFINING AMERICA AS NO LONGER BEING CALLED THE UNITED STATES. THESE STATES WILL NOT SURRENDER TO THIS NEW ORDER RESULTING IN MUCH BLOODSHED.   THERE WILL BE GREAT REVIVAL MEETINGS WHICH THIS NATION HAS NEVER KNOWN. MANY TURNING TO JESUS AND IMMEDIATELY WILL PREACH THE GOSPEL.  THIS GREAT AWAKENING WILL START WITH SPANISH SPEAKING PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY IN PLACE TO COUNTER THE DARKNESS COMING UPON THIS NATION.   I SEE BARAK OBAMA BECOMING THE LEADER OF THE MUSLIM WORLD. PROCLAIMIMG ISLAM AS OUR NATIONAL RELIGION. GIVING SPEEDY ACCESS TO MUSLIMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD TO OCCUPY OUR CIITES. PROVIDING HOUSING TO THEM AS A RESULT OF MASSIVE FORECLOSURES IN AMERICA AS A RESULT OF SPIKED INTEREST RATES RESULTING IN PEOPLE LOSING THEIR HOMES. ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE THEIR HOMES PAID FOR WILL ESCAPE THIS CALAMITY.   MANY CHURCHES WILL LOSE THEIR BUILDINGS AS A RESULT OF THESE ESCALATED INTERST RATES AND PAYMENTS.   I SEE MAJOR MIGRATION COMING TO AMERICA. A MOBILE SOCIETY IN MOTION. MANY PEOPLE FLEEING TO SAFE CITIES BECAUSE OF CITIES BEING OVERRUN BY DEMONIC FORCES.   A new form of mobile housing will arise. I see a new order of living. People living in homes that can be assembled and reassembled quickly.   I see stadiums filled with youth worshipping their god, singing and praying for one another. Thousands singing and praying in the spirit. I see streets in America filled with people turning to Jesus. I see a radical move of the Holy Spirit. People crowding into church buildings and other facilities with standing room only. Arriving before dark and still there after dawn. Religious people running out of the building while people hungry and thirsty for God run into the building. IN THESE TROUBLING TIMES MANY YOUTH WILL STAND AND BEGAN TO PROPHESY ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE COMING BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. THIS WILL BRING GREAT CONSTERNATION TO LEADERS BECAUSE OF THE RELEASE OF INFORMATION BEFORE ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE MADE BY OFFICIALS AND MEDIA.   I SEE GREAT DISTRESS IN AMERICA AS A RESULT OF BANKS BEING CLOSED TO MAKE ROOM FOR A DIFFERENT CURRNCY BEING PUT IN PLACE RESULTING IN THE LOSS OF MAJOR SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS.  PEOPLE LOSING OVERNIGHT EVERYTHING THEY HAVE WORKED FOR AND SAVED      A RUN ON THE BANKS WILL RESULT IN CHAOTIC CONDITIONS.   I see bartering becoming the major economic thrust of our society.   I hear the Holy Spirit saying GET OUT OF DEBT. There is going to be a massive recall from banks and lending institutions that will include houses, vehicles and church property. Resulting in major distribution.     I see major evangelism taking place, particularly on college and university campuses.   I see Christians from America and the United Kingdom joining together to spread revival around the world. Young people being trained and shot out like rockets across the nations as the global revival increases.   I see young people coming out of obscurity to preach the gospel accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles.   I see Jesus coming soon.