enero 31, 2019

Prophetic Words for 2019

“WE ARE LIVING IN THE FINAL DAYS OF THIS DISPENSATION. GAZING AT THE MIDDLE EAST AS THE ANTICHRIST BEGINS TO FORM HIS ARMY, WHICH WILL INCLUDE RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA AND TURKEY. FORMING THEIR ALLIANCE TO COME AGAINST ISRAEL AND AGAINST AMERICA IF WE STAND WITH ISRAEL.”   “I SEE THOSE AMONG THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FORMING AN ALLIANCE WITH THOSE COUNTRIES IN THE NORTH.”   “WE ARE NOW ENTERING INTO THE BIGGEST SPIRITUAL WARFARE OUR NATION HAS EVER KNOWN. THE CHURCH IS THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST A SOCIETY THAT IS BENT ON TAKING RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES AWAY IN THIS NATION IN THEIR ATTEMPTS TO BRING ABOUT A GENDER NEUTRAL SOCIETY ACCOMPANIED BY WITCHCRAFT AND DEMONIC SPIRITS.”   “WE ARE RAPIDLY MOVING INTO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. I SEE NATION AFTER NATION REMOVING THEIR WALLS AND  BORDERS, MAKING ROOM FOR THE ANTICHRIST TO RULE AND REIGN OVER THE WHOLE EARTH. THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST SPREADING ACROSS AMERICA AS HE PREPARES HIS MARK.”   “I SEE CONTINUOUS PROTESTS COMING TO THE STREETS AND CAMPUSES OF AMERICA, STIFLING OUR ABILITY TO FUNCTION AS A NATION AND OVERTURNING LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS.”   “AS A NATION WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF A CIVIL WAR. TENSIONS RISING, BEING EXPLOITED BY LIBERAL POLITICIANS AND  FAR LEFT NEWS MEDIA FUELING RACISM.”   “I see our president calling for national days of prayer and repentance by special request from those in government.”   “I SEE WAR IN THE STREETS AS A RESULT OF REBELLION AND LAWLESSNESS.”   “I SEE WAR IN THE CHURCH LED BY JEZEBEL SPIRITS, REBELLION AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS BEING MADE AGAINST PREACHERS, PASTORS AND COMMUNITY LEADERS IN THEIR ATTEMPT TO DISCREDIT THEM AND REMOVE THEM FROM THEIR ASSIGNMENTS. THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN HAS COME DOWN IN GREAT WRATH, KNOWING HE ONLY HAS A SHORT TIME TO WORK.”   “I SEE CHRISTIAN MOVIES BEING MADE THAT WILL RELEASE A SPIRIT OF REVIVAL DURING AND AFTER THESE SHOWINGS. PEOPLE REMAINING IN THEATERS THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT FOR SOUL SEARCHING, SEEKING GOD, MANY BEING SAVED AND DELIVERED.”   “I SEE 24/7 PRAYER CENTERS OPENING ACROSS AMERICA WITH INTERCESSION GOING DAY AND NIGHT. NIGHT AND DAY.”    “NON BELIEVERS WAITING IN LINE TO RECEIVE HELP FROM ABOVE- AT THE END OF THEMSELVES.”    “I SEE MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES RISING IN EVERY DIRECTION FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO PREACH, PROPHESY, HEAL THE SICK, CAST OUT DEVILS, SPEAK WORDS OF HOPE.”    “I SEE MANY CHURCH CONGREGATIONS SHARING ONE FACILITY.”   “I SEE A NEW HOME SCHOOL MOVEMENT WHERE SEVERAL FAMILIES JOIN TOGETHER TO SHARE TEACHING RESPONSIBILITIES.”    “I SEE PRAYER REVIVALS SPRINGING UP IN MANY TOWNS AND CITIES IN AMERICA. SOME OF THESE BEING LED BY MEN AND WOMEN IN COOPERATION WITH THEIR LOCAL CHURCH.”    “I SEE REVIVAL SERVICES GOING AROUND THE CLOCK IN AMERICA.”  “I SEE THE SPIRIT OF INTERCESSION COMING UPON MANY CHURCH CONGREGATIONS, REPLACING NORMAL CHURCH GATHERINGS WITH WEEPING AND PRAYING OVER OUR NATION.”   “I SEE DESEGREGATION TAKING PLACE IN THE CHURCH- FAMILIES, PEOPLE GROUPS AND ALL AGES COMING TOGETHER TO WORSHIP TOGETHER. THE SEGREGATION OF THE CHURCH COMING TO A CLOSE WITH MORE SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES REOPENING AND FAMILIES SITTING TOGETHER AND STANDING TOGETHER TO THE WORSHIP AND PREACHING SERVICE.”    “I SEE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE GATHERING IN DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONS, HUNGRY FOR GOD, DESPERATE FOR DELIVERANCE AND A NEW BEGINNING.”    “I SEE THE FRANCHISING CHURCH MOVEMENT GROWING- WITH MAJOR CHURCH AND MINISTRIES THAT HAVE THEIR COFFERS FILLED- CONTINUING TO SEND READY MADE LEADERS AND CHURCH MEMBERS TO DIFFERENT TOWNS AND CITIES- RESULTING IN MANY SMALL CONGREGATIONS CLOSING THEIR DOORS AS A RESULT OF THESE NEW READY MADE CHURCHES COMING TO TOWN. MUCH LIKE THE MAJOR FAST FOOD CHAINS WHO DROVE OUT THE SMALL CAFE AND RESTAURANT OWNERS.”   “WITHOUT A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, I HEAR THE WORDS OF LAMENTATIONS CHAPTER FIVE BEING REPEATED CONCERNING OUR NATION. “O Lord, remember all that has befallen us; see what sorrows we must bear! Our homes, our nation, now are filled with foreigners. We are orphans-our fathers dead, our mothers widowed. We must even pay for water to drink; our fuel is sold to us at the highest of prices. We bow our necks beneath the victors’ feet; unending work is now our lot. We beg for bread from Egypt, and Assyria too. Our fathers sinned but died before the hand of judgment fell. We have borne the blow that they deserved! Our former servants have become our masters; there is no one left to save us. We went into the wilderness to hunt for food,  risking death from enemies. 10 Our skin was black from famine. 11 They rape the women of Jerusalem and the girls in Judah’s cities. 12 Our princes are hanged by their thumbs. Even aged men are treated with contempt. 13 They take away the young men to grind their grain, and the little children stagger beneath their heavy loads. 14 The old men sit no longer in the city gates; the young no longer dance and sing. 15 The joy of our hearts has ended; our dance has turned to death.[a16 Our glory is gone. The crown is fallen from our head. Woe upon us for our sins. 17 Our hearts are faint and weary; our eyes grow dim.    21 Turn us around and bring us back to you again! That is our only hope! Give us back the joys we used to have!”    “I SEE JESUS RUNNING THROUGH THE HOUSE AND OVERTURNING THE TABLES OF THE MONEY CHANGERS. MINISTRIES THAT ARE ONLY WORKING FOR A PROPHET, MERCHANDISING THE PEOPLE. EXCHANGING THE TRUTH FOR THE PRAISE OF THE PEOPLE RATHER THAN THE FAVOR OF GOD.”   “I SEE THE RISE OF ISLAM IN AMERICA WITH MANY MUSLIMS BEING APPOINTED TO KEY POSITIONS IN THIS LAND.”   “I SEE DEEP PERSECUTION COMING TO THE CHURCH. THOSE WHO STAND FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS AND AGAINST ABORTION, TRANSGENDERISM AND THE LBGTQ MOVEMENT.”   “I SEE AN ATTEMPT TO IMPEACH OUR PRESIDENT AND TO LEAD HIM AWAY IN CHAINS WHILE REMOVING OUR VICE PRESIDENT AS WELL WITH FALSE ACCUSATIONS. THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE ATTEMPTING TO MAKE HER WAY INTO THE LEADERSHIP OF THIS NATION. CREATING MAJOR CHAOS IN THIS LAND.”   “I SEE A POLITICAL PARTY RISING UP THAT WILL WIN OVER MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WITH THEIR OFFER OF FREE MEDICAL CARE, FREE EDUCATION, FREE DRUGS, FREE FOOD AND FREE HOUSING. DISRUPTING OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND CAUSING OUR DOLLAR TO DEVALUE RAPIDLY.”   “I SEE MONITORS APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO MONITOR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, CHURCHES A PASTORS AND CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. I SEE A HOME BOUND SOCIETY WHERE FAMILIES ARE PRIMARILY CONFINED TO THEIR HOMES AND NEIGHBORHOODS.  WORKING AT HOME, WORSHIPPING AT HOME, TEACHING AT HOME, FOOD AND PRODUCTS BEING DELIVERED TO THEIR HOME, MOBILE MEDICAL UNITS TRAVELING THROUGH NEIGHBORHOODS, SERVICING THE SICK IN THEIR HOME.”   “I SEE NEW RULES AND REGULATIONS BEING PLACED ON INTERNET, REMOVING DIFFERENT WORDS OR INDIVIDUALS THAT USE THESE WORDS.”   “I SEE THE ORGANIZED CHURCH BECOMING DEEPLY DIVIDED OVER MORAL ISSUES. MANY CHOOSING TO REMAIN SILENT ON MORAL ISSUES WHILE OTHERS OPENLY EMRACE HOMOSEXUALS INTO THEIR MEMBERSHIP AND LEADERSHIP WITH MANY PERFORMING SAME SEX MARRIAGES.”   I see 2019 is a year of wide-open pastures on purpose. We are coming into a season of ease and grace but it isn’t to be squandered selfishly. God is developing 2020 vision for the church through the course of 2019. We will see more clearly the revelation of Christ in the purpose of the church as we devote ourselves more intentionally God’s desire for community in our church families.  Christians will be known by our love for each other. God is rising up an army that will show people what they are for rather than what they are against. A church called to make a difference. God is mobilizing the church to become a true expression of the love and power of Christ in Word and Spirit.   “I hear the Holy Spirit saying that He has given the church a new window of opportunity. That we must not squander this season. The door has opened quickly and will close quickly. We must work diligently while it’s day.” I SEE THE SPIRIT OF INTERCESSION COMING UPON MANY CHURCH CONGREGATIONS, REPLACING NORMAL CHURCH GATHERINGS WITH WEEPING AND PRAYING OVER OUR NATION.   I HEAR DEEP INTERCESSION COMING OUT OF THE PLACES OF WORSHIP IN THIS NATION. ENTIRE TOWNS AND CITIES SEEKING THE FACE OF GOD, MULTITUDES TURNING TO JESUS AS A RESULT OF THESE PRAYER REVIVALS THAT LIKE WILDFIRE WILL SPREAD FROM TOWN TO TOWN AND CITY TO CITY. NO NAMES COMING OUT OF OBSCURITY TO PREACH IN CONJUNCTION WITH THESE PRAYER REVIVALS. HEADLINES BEING GIVEN TO THESE HAPPENINGS.    “I hear the Lord saying that 2019 is a year of great opportunity. As in the days of Joseph, we must prepare for a day of famine. We will have open doors and entrance into the marketplace for a season. Great favor will be upon those who are discerning and wise. The church will see greater opposition as the enemy continues to try and silence her voice. But the voice of the righteous will grow louder and stronger. Great grace will be upon God’s people and the church will see a great harvest of souls.   “I see spirits of deception rising in an attempt to discredit and disarm this administration. Spirits of Sanballet and Tobiah. Mocking spirits attempting to cause our leaders to become fearful and lose their focus.”   “This is the season of America’s Second Wind! As the Redeemed lift their wings of praise and prayer to the Living God, His Wind will refresh, restore and will cause the church to rise in the brightness of His Glory! As His people find their rhythm of vision and obedience, God will enrich and empower to advance His Righteous Cause in churches, cities and nations. We prophesy to the Winds of God Blow over Your Church! Blow, Spirit of God, over our Nations Capital and blow over the Nations of the earth, fresh and new. Cover the earth with Your glory like the waters cover the sea. That all may know, You are God and alone save, heal, deliver and restore. Our eyes and hearts are set upon You and Your Christ, Jesus our Lord!”    “I see young people coming out of obscurity and old people coming out of retirement to lead revivals across this land, starting in our streets and expanding into local churches, schools and college campuses.” “I see parents accompanying their children as they travel to many different geographical locations to preach, prophesy and heal the sick.” “I see a continuation of a mobile society as some people flee to safe cities and others who love darkness to moving to these geographical locations.” “I see neighborhood prayer watches being started all across this land, resulting in major spiritual awakenings. Neighbor ministering to neighbor. Neighborhood churches and prayer centers under the watchful eye of pastors and apostles.” “I see the home school and Christian school movement continuing to grow in astronomical proportions as a result of prayer and persecution.” “I see our president calling for national days of prayer and repentance by special request from those in government.” “I see women rising to preach and disclosing the secrets that are being revealed by the Holy Spirit Gaining great favor in most unusual places.” “I see Spanish speaking people leading another wave of revival in America.” “I see a major war erupting between righteousness and unrighteousness. The lines are being drawn and the spirit of compromise is being broken in the church.” “I see Jezebel spirits being identified and destroyed in local churches, bringing freedom to many congregations that have been bound by controlling and manipulating spirits for many years.” “I see a new monetary system being introduced in America.” “I see Christian business people developing Holy alignments internationally with others in the market place resulting in open doors to preach the gospel.”  I SEE MAJOR REVIVALS BREAKING OUT IN PRISON ALL ACROSS AMERICA, WITH MANY OF THESE INMATES BEING RELEASED TO GO AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO OTHERS IN PRISON ACROSS THIS NATION AS A RESULT OF THE CHANGE IN ATMOSPHERE.    I SEE MILLIONS OF BELIEVERS GATHERING IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA AND OPEN FIELDS FOR PRAYER, WORSHIP AND MINISTRY.    I SEE JESUS COMING SOON!